The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) launched the first phase of the issuance of teacher registration certificates in January 2018 and has since delivered the certificates to all the districts in Zambia. Teachers are expected to collect their certificates from the District Education Board Secretaries Offices (DEBS) upon producing their official identity cards. Teachers in-service who have not yet registered are expected to do so by 31st March, 2018.

It is also important to note that, the TCZ has started receiving applications for Practicing Certificates. Please take note that no teacher will be allowed to work in any Zambian school, whether public or private without a practicing certificate after the issuance of these documents. The due date for applying for practicing certificates is 31st May, 2018. The application for the practicing certificates can be done online, or by physical submission of ‘hard copy’ application forms to the DEBS offices. The applications will be processed upon payment of the prescribed fees for the practicing certificates. Payments can be made through ZANACO and NATSAVE in the respective districts.

Issued by

Ngoza Malonga
Spokesperson – TCZ

Approved by

Dr. Ebby Mubanga
Registrar – TCZ

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PRESS Release (Friday 23rd February, 2018)

Source – TCZ

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  1. Avatar
    Harry Wesa

    I have not received my registration certificate despite having a TCZ number.
    I tried to check with the register in Masaiti, but I did not appear in the register. What can I do?

    1. Webmaster
      Webmaster Listing Owner

      Please try contacting them via the contact details stated below the announcement.

  2. Avatar
    Silwimba Japhet

    How to retrieve the registration number?

  3. InfoApo
    InfoApo Listing Owner

    We have added a way in the article for you to contact the TCZ directly via email, using the contact form that you can fill and send.

  4. Avatar
    Lutopu Liswaniso

    I can’t log in despite having subscribed for the practicing certificate.

    1. InfoApo
      InfoApo Listing Owner

      That is a TCZ system, so the only way we can help you from here is to suggest you use the contact form outlined in red above, to email them about the issue.

  5. Avatar
    Martin Halumba

    May I be guided please? ….What is the difference between a practicing certificate and a practicing license?

  6. Avatar
    Nurture Alfred

    I need help. I registered as Primary school teacher, but now I have acquired a degree in Guidance and Counselling. So when applying for certificate, what should I do in order to be captured as a Guidance Counsellor?

  7. Avatar
    Betson Kampukesa

    “Your host computer does not supoort self service.”
    Is it an IT technical issue? If this registration is public domain, why should I receive prompt that I have no Permission to access certificates, yet I just want to subscribe?
    Who created this database? It has a lot of errors! Was it tried and tested?
    I would suggest it gets decommissioned for modification and further improvement before it is rolled out.

  8. Avatar
    Kasama carol

    How do I verify? Your website is very poor too.

  9. Avatar
    Musenga Bridget

    I was unwell when the payments for practicing certificate were done, so I never paid and I never filled those forms so that it can be deducted from my pay slip. Now I would like to pay in full November month end can I go ahead and pay?

  10. Avatar
    Kennnedy moyo

    How do I check for my TCZ number

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