Studies prove that a business without a website and online presence, loose out on potential customers! [ Read more ] In Zambia there are over 7,5 MILLION smartphone users – which could all be your potential customers …. if ONLY they could find your business on-line, the Digital Information Community, has now launched a BE ONLINE campaign, to help SME and small business develop on online website presence – simply and affordably. You do not even need any knowledge on the workings of the internet, as has established a convenient and simple package to sign you on-board, and get your business out in front of those potential customers.

And the most exciting part is the affordability of this powerful business tool as part of your business sales strategy – you can participate in the package for less than the equivalent of ZMW 9 per day!!

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The annual package includes:-

  • A business listing
  • Up to 5 distinct products listing pages
  • Hosting
  • registration of your unique domain name [ website address ]
  • Assistance with Initial content and set up
  • A map location for your customers to find you
  • listing of your contact details – phone/email/address/social media links
  • uploading images and videos to impress your customers
  • Detailed description of your business

In addition to establishing your internet presence, simultaneously offers a marketing environment with tools to help promote your business and your brand.

Included in the package are :

  • Monthly promotions of your business through social media network
  • a guarantee that your brand name will reach over 30,000 potential consumers over the package period
  • Option for you to load promotions and special deals
  • Option to participate in Consumer Retail Campaigns around key periods – like Mothers or Fathers day, Valentines day etc
  • list your events or launches on the Events Calendar
  • Other ongoing or ad-hoc features

ALL of the above features included in the convenient package, for an annual cost of just K3,000 – that’s less than K9 per day cost to your business, to bring you into the mix of the Digital Information Community. No other marketing or business channel can be both so effective, and so cost -effective

Why wait for your competitors to grab your customers? BE ONLINE now with the help of and power your business potential.

About Business and Online Internet presence

A Market research carried out in 2018 in Australia, found that only 50% of small business have a business website.

It concluded that these business were missing out on a major opportunity to reach customers.


It was found to be a major issue because the survey revealed that ….

            • 62% [ 2 out of 3] of customers STOP CONSIDERING A BUSINESS if they cant find information about it online

The report found that

  • 83% [ 8.5 out of 10] of customers believe using search engines is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ when finding a business,
  • 47% [HALF] of customers under the age of 40 report using a search engine to find or research a small business at least once a day.

.The report separately found that

  • 48% [ HALF] of all consumers would NOT buy from a business that does NOT have a website

Meanwhile, the survey also highlighted that e-commerce websites appearing on mobile phone searches is a very important factor for consumers;

  • of those surveyed, 48% [HALF] say they shop on a mobile device at least once a week.

In Zambia, there are over 7,500,000 mobile smartphone users

For those small businesses that are interested in online marketing and selling, the fast-changing digital marketing landscape can be confusing.

Morris Bryant, partner of independent digital marketing agency Sparro in Australia, says about SMEs . ” there are three components of Online Marketing & Selling: technical, content and linking. Technical aspects such as website infrastructure would be the FIRST priority to tackle

In other words, a SME business MUST get their business profile onto the web!!


  • Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report 2018
  • Sparro Digital Marketing Agency

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