December 30: Revised Load-shedding Schedules

Zesco has published increased load-shedding hours and schedule times for January 2020

October 26: Revised Load-shedding Schedules – Increased load shed times

Zesco has published increased load-shedding hours and schedule times

October 2019: 10 Hour Load shedding schedule Increase

Zesco has increased Load Shedding to 10 hours effective October

Find schedule by areas on downloadable Schedule

September: 8 Hour Load shedding schedule

Zesco has issued a new load shedding schedule with effect from 16th September – load shedding will be extended from 6 to 8 hours

18 September 2019: Possible 75% -100% increase in Zesco electricity tariffs

Energy Minister Mathews Nkhuwa speaking to reporters yesterday, said  that Zambia  electricity tariffs are too low and are 50% of what should be charged to industry and home consumers.

The country currently suffers a deficit of 700 megawatt in power generation, (a quarter of required output) Zambia is in discussions to purchase power from South Africa which would cost $20 Million a month

Zesco is determining a increase proposal for Cabinet to consider, and an announcement will be made shortly the Minister said.  He acknowledged that the proposed increase may well be in line with the 75% increase that took place two years ago

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September 2019: Zesco exporting power?

Zesco defends stories circulating that Zambia is exporting electricity to Malawi and other countries despite the current shortages

Read the Zesco press release –

2 September 2019 : Load Shedding

Zesco announces increased load shedding periods from 4 to 6 hours daily

ZESCO has announced load shedding schedules effective from 1 June. Find daily load shed schedule for your area here

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Jesleen lungu
Jesleen lungu

Loadshedding is too much as if tulimukolonyo