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Your personal brand is the image that the world, or your prospective employer, has of you. Your brand is perceived as combination of skills, experience and personality and how they reflect your conduct, behaviour and attitudes

Your personal brand may be the only thing that differentiates you from other people and other candidates for a job you are applying for.

Controlling your brand

The mediums people consciously or involuntarily use to determine their perception of your brand include

  • Your Social Media
  • Your dress style
  • Your manners and social environment skills


Therefor be aware and contribute toward improving all these mediums. This can help sway the decisions of prospective employers

Tips for maintaining brand

  • Let your actions match your written details describing you
  • Be consistence across all platforms [ ie let your CV, your business card, your actions and your social media sites, all match each other in content and detail
  • Don’t be fake!!


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