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BirdWatch Zambian

5th November 2017
5th November 2017

BirdWatch Zambian meets once a month for a bird walk in the countryside. BWZ members, their families and friends head to the woods and wetlands around Lusaka and beyond. Walks are led by experienced birdwatchers who guide both newcomers and long-term birders through a morning of observation and exploration.




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BirdWatch Zambia, formerly known as ZOS (Zambian Ornithological Society) is one of the older NGOs registered under the Societies Act in Zambia having been in existence since 1969. The object of the Society is to stimulate interest in and to further the study and conservation of birds in Zambia. We are also a Partner Designate of BirdLife International.
BirdWatch Zambia has always had a committed core membership with a high degree of technical skills capable of maintaining a constant output of high quality ornithological research which is regularly published in internal and external scientific publications. Grouped around this core of expertise is a committed and knowledgeable membership providing freely of their time towards BirdWatch Zambia’s many activities including a monthly Newsletter and frequent walks and field outings.


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