Gambling in Zambia

Types of Gambling in Zambia

  • Lotteries: Zambian Lotto is the exclusive operator of the national jackpot game.
  • Land-Based Casinos: At present. Zambia has four land-based casinos, two situated in Livingstone, one in the capital Lusaka, and another one in Makeni.
  • Sports Betting: Sports betting is popular in Zambia. Bets can be placed over the phone, at betting shops and through online betting platforms.
  • Online Gambling: Although online gambling is not addressed in gaming laws, there are some reputable online gambling sites that accept Zambians. They offer casino games like video slots, video poker and table games.



Gambling Legislation and Regulation in Zambia

Gambling legislation in Zambia currently consists of three main acts. The State Lotteries Act was enacted to control and allow lottery games and pools. The Casino Act, which is the most significant piece of gambling legislation in Zambia, regulates the procedures for licensing casino operators within the nation’s borders and even grants temporary casino licenses in special circumstances. And the Betting Act established a Betting Board that regulates betting operators.

Gambling operators are required to obtain relevant casino or betting licenses to legally operate in Zambia. With respect to the casino gambling laws, no licensed casino gaming establishment is permitted to operate any table games or gaming machines in excess of the number agreed upon in their license application. Licenses expire after 5 years, after which they need to be renewed.

Click here to visit the official site for the Zambia Casino Act.

Lotteries in Zambia

The Zambian Lotto is a nationwide lottery game. To play the Zambian Lotto you need to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 39. You win the jackpot if you guess all 6 numbers, which normally pays more than 200,000 Kwachas, and keeps increasing until there is a winner.

The biggest jackpot won by one person was a jackpot amount of 78 Million Kwachas after sharing a 858 Million Kwacha jackpot with eleven other lucky participants. Outside of the top prizes, when playing the Zambian Lotto you also win a prize if you guess 5 numbers, 4 numbers and 3 numbers. Lotto draws are televised every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening on Muvi TV.

Land Based Casinos in Zambia

Casinos have become increasingly popular,  Zambian government continuing to license and regulated new casinos.

Casinos generally offer the traditional table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker games and also Slot Machines  and Video Poker

  • Great Wall Casino –  Lusaka
  •  New Fairmount Hotel and Casino -Livingstone
  • Falls Casino – Livingstone,
  • Majestic Casino Resort –  Makeni,Lusaka

Sports Gambling in Zambia

Sports betting is a popular pastime and activity in Zambia. Zambians are fond of betting on their favorite football teams and players. They also bet on other international sporting events such as cricket and boxing.

Online Sports Betting in Zambia

Several licensed sports betting companies exist in Zambia, including Sports4Africa, which offers fixed odds betting and operates in emerging African markets. Sports bettors can walk into betting shops located in Zambia’s capital of Lusaka and place bets on football matches, tennis and other world games. Although it must be said that football betting is by popular the most popular form of sports betting.

The Zambian gambling laws don’t make any mention about online gambling. Due to the convenience of online sports betting, there are many Zambians who bet on sports on the Internet on their desktops, laptops, or mobile phones.

Sports4Africa Zambia has their own online sports betting platform, meaning sports bettors don’t even need to visit one of their betting shops to place a bet. This online sportsbook is fully licensed and certified by the government, allowing them to offer sports betting services, including pre-game betting, live in-play betting, and mobile betting across a wide range of sports and virtual sports games.

With the sports betting market still in its infancy in Zambia, you won’t already find a proliferation of land-based sports betting shops to choose from, but considering it’s possible to bet on sports online, it’s not going to be a problem for you.

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Online Casinos in Zambia

Although there are no licensed online casinos currently available for casino players in Zambia, many offshore online gambling operators licensed in other jurisdictions welcome players from Zambia, although you’ll be using Dollars or Euros instead of Zambian Kwachas.

With so many options available to Zambians, it can be worthwhile checking out our Zambian online casino section where we recommend some of the best online casinos. All of the reputable ones accepting Zambians are mobile-friendly and compatible with all the major mobile operators in Zambia including MTN.

Gambling in Zambia media



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