Gas Geyser 26lt in Zambia

The Paloma 20lt unit offers a wide flow range from 2.5 – 26lt per min. Allowing up to 3 showers and a tap running at the same time. Perfect for a

Features Why Gas Geysers And Not Solar Geysers?
  • Domestic instant water heater with natural exhaust;
  • Water gas linked automatic ignition,
  • No pilot light;
  • Automatic pulse ignition from two standard torch batteries;
  • Stainless steel front panel (16lt Aluminum coated)
  • LCD temperature gauge;
  • Flame height, gas flow knob;
  • Temperature, water flow knob;
  • Water pressure 0.3 -5.0 bar
  • Water pressure stabilizing design;
  • Starting indicator light
  • Constant Hot Water For The Whole Family

  • Power up to 3 bathrooms on 1 geyser

  • Reduced Lime Build Up

  • No Luke Warm Night Showers

  • No Expensive Maintenance

  • Easy Installation

  • Set Your Personal Temperature



Gas Geyser Range

The gas guys offer a wide range of gas geysers to provide you with instant hot water on demand! Introducing the Dewhot and Paloma Range!

The Dewhot Gas Geyser offer a 12lt and 16lt geyser to suite your everyday requirements. Powered by 2 x Duracell batteries so you never have to rely on power again.

The Paloma Range offers high quality and the ability to provide hot water at multiple outlets! Run up to 3 bathrooms with the Paloma Range!

Switch to Gas and Feel the Difference!


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