Mobile Repairs in Zambia

If you own a mobile phone, you probably depend on it for day to day activities like appointments, calls, emails, browsing etc.

Damaging your phone can keep set you back. Fortunately in Zambia there are business that offer repair services for damaged mobile phones. Because there are several types of damage that can occur, and not all service providers carry all the necessary parts for all makes and models of phone, it would be wise to call round first to determine if a company can assist you.

In some cases, phones cannot be repaired at all. Normally in following circumstances

  • Extreme liquid damage – where liquid damage has permeated the phones inner electronics
  • Damaged PCB [ Printed Circuit Board ] – where perhaps the PCB has got bent after dropping phone
  • Blacklisted Handsets – Reputable businesses will not repair a phone that has been stolen or blacklisted by the network

So keep your phone alive by visiting the following phone repair service stores.



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