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Travel Agents are industry focused business who’s staff are normally trained up to deal with a customers travel request. The benefit of booking your travel through a travel agent, is that their specialized knowledge in a particular travel area can save you

  • time in booking process
  • costs by finding best prices available
  • and most importantly, sharing knowledge you may not be aware of

Travel Agents often offer the same price you may get directly from the travel supplier, often with a small service fee to cover the cost of their shared knowledge and personnel

Agents sometimes specialize in a particular area of travel, [ eg, Flights Only, Business Travel Only, Travel Packages only] or they may offer services for ALL types of travel

In Zambia , Travel Agents may be IATA accredited, which means they are licenced to issue air tickets directly from the airline systems, while other agents, non-accredited,  can still  assist in booking and issuing your air  ticket through the airline or an authorized ticketing office.

TAAZ, the Travel Agents Association of Zambia, is a professional  association body in Zambia for travel agents, where its members must comply with specified criteria in order to be a member of good standing

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What is IATA?

What is TAAZ?

What is benefit of using an Agent?

  1. Travel Agents in Zambia
    1. Travel Agents in Zambia are available to make the process of booking your travel more convenient and enjoyable. Travel agents specialize in their field of work, and therefor can add value to your travel plans by sharing their knowledge of hotels, flights, car hire and activities to do at destinations, and travel packages,  as well as the best way to book, because they are close to the industry, they may also have knowledge of where to find the cheapest flights or cheapest hotels. They may also be able to suggest ways on which to save you money on your travel plans,

All agents may be different, especially in the areas that they specialize in. Some may focus on issuing just air tickets, while others may offer services across the travel spectrum.

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