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Travel Agents are industry focused business who’s staff are normally trained up to deal with a customers travel request. The benefit of booking your travel through a travel agent, is that their specialized knowledge in a particular travel area can save you

  • time in booking process
  • costs by finding best prices available
  • and most importantly, sharing knowledge you may not be aware of

Travel Agents often offer the same price you may get directly from the travel supplier, often with a small service fee to cover the cost of their shared knowledge and personnel

Agents sometimes specialize in a particular area of travel, [ eg, Flights Only, Business Travel Only, Travel Packages only] or they may offer services for ALL types of travel

In Zambia , Travel Agents may be IATA accredited, which means they are licenced to issue air tickets directly from the airline systems, while other agents, non-accredited,  can still  assist in booking and issuing your air  ticket through the airline or an authorized ticketing office.

TAAZ, the Travel Agents Association of Zambia, is a professional  association body in Zambia for travel agents, where its members must comply with specified criteria in order to be a member of good standing


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