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To fly internationally, the traveler must be in possession of:

  • a valid Passport. 
  • a VISA from the destination countries if required by that country

Check out the FAQ section to get clarity on all aspects of flying

Make sure you are fully prepared for your travels

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Where to find cheapest flights?

When to book flights

Why do flight prices quoted change or vary between suppliers?

What issues should i take note of before booking a flight?

Must i book my ticket before getting my VISA?

International and local travel from Zambia has grown over time, as both leisure/holiday flights and also business travel flights has grown in tandem with Zambia’s growth. Flights  and air tickets can be booked in a number of ways  by would be travelers. This includes booking through Zambian based Online Travel Agents, direct at Airline offices, on Airline Websites or through the traditional  Zambian Travel Agent process. The best and cheapest flights may be available through one booking channel, whilst the most convenient, best service to book tickets through other platform can also be true

The advent of technology and the internet influence on travel and tourism, has changed the way travelers both search for their travel plans , but also how they search for flight routes to their destinations, how they plan their flights, and how they both book and pay for their air tickets

The airlines themselves have evolved the manner in which they calculate and publish air fares. This has resulted in a fairly complex set of airfares available to would be travelers. Finding your ideal travel ticket at the cheapest possible price can be complex. There are so many factors taken into consideration to determine the price of a air ticket, including time of year, date, day and time of day traveling, route chosen, airline chosen, airline routing, length of journey, class of seat/fare available on flight, booking lead time, exchange rates and many others. Airlines may also vary their fares available from day to day on a particular flight. With all the above factors, it is not unusual that a fare available today, may be totally different tomorrow

Airlines do also periodically publish special rates, so it pays to keep an eye out for that. Check our Travel Specials page to find latest bargains and discounted flights and fares, if you are looking for the cheapest flight or ticket. Cheap flights may also be available through one booking platform and not another, so it helps to compare options

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